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Ever wondered where and if there are fabric and haberdashery shops in Singapore? The answer is YES! They are at Chinatown, Arab street, Textile Centre, Joo Chiat Complex and Spotlight (for those with deeper pockets).

There are several locations we’ve been going to and we’ll love to share a few of our favourite spots right in the heart of Chinatown! And no, we absolutely don’t get paid for recommending them but we frequent them very often. The shops do close as early as 6pm Mon-Sun and usually start opening at about 11am. Most shops will sell by yard or metre. (metre is longer by 8.5cm) and there about 3 sizes of fabric width – 36”(91.5cm), 45”(114.5cm) or 60”(1.5m)


People’s Park Complex 2nd level (between OG and people’s park complex facing NEL Chinatown Station Exit C) 32 New Market Road, Singapore 050032.

It’s hard to imagine there would be fabric shops on top of all the hustle and bustle of food stalls at ground level. I recently brought a friend along to pick fabric for tote bags that he ordered and his first remark upon arriving was, “How did you teleport us to the 80s?” There are a ton of shops here! I always end up spending way too much time or too much money. There’s a POSB atm at the entrance to the market too. It is a good idea to always bargain if you are buying more than a yard/metre and scour the sale-bales that are displayed outside the stalls. Dress lightly as this place gets warm!!!

Thye Guan Textiles #02-1006 (next to Swanston) — Thinking of making a Chanel jacket? A fine selection of designer tweed, linen, chiffon, lace and other gorgeously luxurious fabrics like embroidered plaid, wool blends. You will spot a few model outfit pictures that give an indication of what the fabric would look like if sewn into a garment. Prices are fairly reasonable for the quality provided!

Fabricity #02-1098 — (Picture as shown above) Yes, there’s air-con in a store here! A newly opened fabric store that has a great handpicked selection of linens, denims, corduroys and many other quality fabrics. Just ask the friendly young store owner if you’re looking for anything specfic.

Yong Zhi Trading #02-1084 — This shop houses a great deal of printed jerseys, chiffon, georgettes, satin and even lycra. They provide a very good offering for those who need more than the usual cotton range.

Fabric- 1 jerseyYong Zhi Trading

Chan Cheong Textiles #02-1080 — This shop almost always has great fabrics in the sale-bales outside going for as cheap as $3/yd. they also stock lots of quirky prints for kids (owls, paisley-motifs, strawberries..etc. I pick up my cotton black twill from this shop at $4/m (45”width)

Lee Ann Textiles #02-1110 — This is run by a lovely senior couple that are always friendly and has possibly one of the best prices on the floor. They display fabrics up on the wall and don’t kick up a fuss about taking bales out from the stack to show. Do ask them for their $5/m rack- there are often beautiful Japanese cotton prints that make it in there!

Malin Textile #02-1134 — If you are into quilting or looking for high quality Japanese cotton, this is the shop for you! The lady running the stall is cheery and will give excellent suggestions for what you need. She is the only shop here that stocks genuine Sanrio HELLO KITTY prints! There are also lots of fat quarters & bale-ends stacked up on one side- perfect for small projects!

“M” Maggie Textile #02-1076/78 & #02-1124 Family-owned and managed, Maggie Textiles has a few stalls spread out over this floor. They each carry different types of fabric #02-1076/78 – a lot of chiffon, georgette and jacquard & #02-1124- men’s shirting and suiting.

Fabric- 7 maggieMaggie Textile

Teoh Huat Textiles #02-1144 — Want to make a nice suit for yourself? Expect lots of executive fabrics for suits, shirts and even an organic cotton/ modal jersey section to surprise you! Prices are attractive and expect even nice quality shirting at $12/yard. And yes, they sell quite a good variety of Denim fabrics right outside their store too!

Fabric- 3 suitingTeoh Huat Textiles


Brighton #02-1168 — Welcome to the world of habershery and fabric choices to suit your project needs. Featuring a colourful fabric stash at $6/yard, to a range of drafting rulers, buttons, ribbons, lace trims and all your sewing tools and footers, this shop is indeed a pocket-friendly version of Spotlight.

Fabric- 2 colorBrighton

Lye Nai Shiong #02-1018A/B — A good offering of trims, like elastic, bias tape, cording tape, zippers, etc and anything you may need to help you sew, including the cheapest price for calico in this building. You will definitely find something you need, however sometimes you may need to increase your patience level as this shop does get pretty busy.

Fabric- 5 leatherLye Nai Shiong

Mui Huay #03-1142 — Do not miss this shop if you’re looking for buttons! The elderly owners here have collected a ton of buttons and even frog buttons and you won’t be disappointed! Should you have a very specific size or color of button that you are looking for, just ask them and they will pull out even more buttons hiding behind the shelves of buttons for your selection!

Fabric- 4 trimsMui Huay

Let’s support local.


    1. Hello Sara, both Lye Nai Shiong #02-1018A/B & Brighton #02-1168 at the Chinatown market stocks a variety of interfacing at good prices!

    1. Hi Laura, if you are looking for DMC threads & cross-stitch supplies – try Golden Dragon #02-51 at People’s Park Shopping Centre along Eu Tong Sen st. (red building down the road from the market). There is also a great family-owned shop in AMK central: Elsie Departmental Store (Blk 709 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-2607) that stocks it along with crochet & knitting supplies!
      Alternatively, you can purchase online here http://www.stirringhearts.com.sg/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=314&path=44 *Stirring Hearts are our neighbours as well!

  1. Hi,

    there is actually Golden Dragon & Sing Mui Heng too that carries Haberdashery
    and Quilting fabrics imported from the states and Japan.

  2. thanks for the recomendation….i’m searching materials to make a bag. and i think i must visit this place.

      1. oh gosh…still can’t find that place. but coz i’m searching that place make me find another place. still wanna go there.

    1. Hello Maureen! Apologies for the delayed reply! You can try Golden Dragon at People’s Park Shopping Centre, along Eu Tong Sen Street. Alternatively, AMK central: Elsie Departmental Store +65 6452 3366 (Blk 709 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-2607) might have the cross-stitch patterns. I suggest giving them a call before heading down!

    1. Hello Nur, best timing to visit the shops will be in the afternoon. Most of the shops will be open by noon and tend to roll down the shutters by 6/6.30pm. Saturdays are always easier to catch them! Hope that helps :)

  3. Hi FMS team
    Do you know where is the best place to buy wool blend other than textile centre? Am planning to use about 4/5 meters for a men’s 3 pc suit

    1. Hello Amy, you can make a trip down to Katong Shopping Centre and look for Hwa Seng Textiles. They have a good selection of Men’s suiting and shirting fabrics available to purchase. 865 Mountbatten Rd, 437844; Opening hours are from 11am – 7pm. Good luck and hope you find what you’re looking for!

    1. Hi Elaina,

      We have indeed seen some of these fabrics used as backdrops, e.g. the dotted prints, stripes, etc. You can try scouting around for them, all the best!

  4. Hi, do u know where I can buy stuffing for soft toys, other than Spotlight? will need in large quantity and not those small packs in Daiso.

  5. Hello!
    Do you know where I can find hardware for making jeans? I al looking for press on rivets and metal no sew buttons plus the tools needed to press the metal items into the denim. Going to be in the city just for 2 days next week. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you,

  6. Hi
    I am looking for an one inch leather ribbon as a garment lacing, can someone advise where I can buy it in Singapore? Thanks for your help in advance

  7. hi is there anywhere to buy denim material? thinking of sewing own jeans but not sire where to get denim. Thanks!

    1. Chinatown’s People’s Park Complex 2nd floor definitely has them. Spotlight, Textile Center and Arab Street (Gim Joo & Teck Joo) do too.

  8. Thank you so much for this information Girls. I’m always desperate to find zippers and threads but hate paying Spotlight prices. I will be sure to check the places out you have recommended.

    1. You can look for them at the 3rd floor of People’s Park Complex. Take Chinatown MRT, exit C. It’s the building right infront.

  9. Hi! I’m trying to make a quilt or more like a comforter that’s really fluffy. i think they call it high loft batting? do you know if any of these stores will have them? :)

  10. Hi, do you know where i can find bamboo fabric/textile for making baby’s pillow or bolster cases?
    Thank you..

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