Have a unique schedule or can’t find what you want?

We’re happy to offer one-time or ongoing customized lessons during hours when scheduled classes are not in session. It begins with a complimentary consultation up to one hour at our studio – please click on the SCHEDULE A CHAT NOW button below to book an appointment with us!

You may also contact us at fashion.makerspace@gmail.com or call 6802 5482 to schedule your custom lesson.

Please note: Lessons are intended to help students who are interested in making custom design projects, build portfolios, learning or advancing their home sewing skills etc. If you are looking for fashion or technical design, patternmaking, grading or other specialized services, please click on SERVICES on the top menu barto find out more!

Starting at $30/hr and up
* Minimum 2-hour commitment
* Free first time project consultations up to an hour!


To make any of your own designs, schedule a free consultation with us below.