Making A Marimekko Cheongsam

The classic cheongsam (qi-pao) not only has its Oriental roots, but is an understated staple in many wardrobes for functions, events and most importantly, adds much elegance and accentuates one’s femininity, especially if it’s well made. It also is a test of one’s fashion engineering to create the most customized fit. It would portray the difference between slimming vs bulging; embracing ones curves vs highlighting extra volume; comfort vs suffocation (yes we have been there too, when you can barely sit down).

CS- print 1

CS- print 3Marimekko- Unikko (poppy)

We wanted to do something slightly different from the traditional. Coming from Singapore, a melting pot of cultures, it was only natural for us to see how we could modernize and update this look. Lo and behold, Marimekko’s launch at Capitol Piazza became extremely timely.
This textile and lifestyle giant, famous for its bold prints and psychedelic colours, found its place right in the center of the city.

The extremely popular Unikko (poppy print), designed by Maija in 1964, would be unabashedly the most recognizable and the most suitable textile choice as the Western equivalent to the Oriental florals. The high-quality silkscreened fabric was also a breeze to handle and was sturdy.

CS- 4 umbrella

And here a custom design & fit cheongsam was born. It took about 2-3 fittings to get everything right but we were so glad to put our skills to work and make a customer happy just in time for the Lunar New Year!

CS- 5 fulldressCS- 6 backviewAnother bespoke adventure- till next time.

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  1. Hi. I want to sign up for Sewing & Pattern-making Basic: Womenswear Series of 10 but do not wish to make the boatneck. I wish to make cheongsam collar. is that possible?

  2. Hi, I am interested in attending a dressmaking class. May I know if the Cheongsum class is still open? May I have more information on that class or other classes you offer?

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