We’re starting a new blog series, Tips & Tricks for First Time Sewers, where we share how you can improve your skills and techniques! First up, we’ll give you a breakdown on the most common natural fabrics in the market so you can choose the right materials for your project.   Have you ever walked … Continue reading Tips & Tricks for First Time Sewers: Choosing the Right Natural Fabrics

Being someone who is interested in sewing, you probably have googled ‘sewing classes in Singapore’, ‘sewing for beginners’, ‘sewing machine for beginners’, but have you tried ‘Sewing history’? The history of sewing started out of obvious necessity, with people sewing fur and skin clothing using bone, antler or ivory needles and “thread” made of various animal … Continue reading THE SEWING TREND: DYING OR REVIVING

Textile Centre 200 Jalan Sultan, Singapore 199018 (Lavender MRT is the nearest) Textile Centre used to bustle with the clamour of ladies, serving an industry that has since diminished to a handful, but relatively large haberdashery and fabric stores mainly on the ground floor. A shade less popular than its former glory days, we still … Continue reading EVEN MORE SEWING SUPPLIES & FABRICS IN SINGAPORE